Monday, 22 March 2010

Down's Syndrome Association 40th anniversary

Well last week was a busy week with events for the UK Down's Syndrome Awareness week and of course World Down Syndrome Day on Sunday,  Even then we still have the launch of the new Down Syndrome International website to come tomorrow, so it will take a few days to get everything posted.

I'll start with last Friday evening, March  19th when the Down's Syndrome Association (DSA) held a reception at The House of Lords to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

 Lord Dear welcoming everyone

It was a great opportunity to see friends old and new and recognise the Association's achievements, for although Down's Heart Group (DHG) is a seperate organisation, naturally we have many members in common and in fact DHG actually grew out of parent contact that originated after a letter from our Founder was printed in the DSA newsletter.

It was a lovely evening and a wonderful opportunity for my friend Chuks Etuka from Nigeria to meet representatives of other Down's Syndrome groups as well as individuals.  Chuks was particularly eager to be introduced to Sujeet Desai, following my mention of him and his fantastic achievements during my presentation in Lagos last year.  I think Chuks was very inspired by Suj and he hasn't even heard him play yet!

 The Desai family, Chuks and I

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