Friday, 12 August 2011

My bid to carry the Olympic flame on behalf of the global Down's Syndrome community

Life is so hectic at the minute I'm not sure why I've decided to add to it by trying to do this as well, but it would be an INCREDIBLE HONOUR to represent the global DS community and raise awareness in this way if I were chosen.
Here's the video I made as part of my bid - it's not very good as there was a set format and it was difficult to get photos that would work, but hopefully it gives an idea of the message I'm trying to get across.
If you would like to support my bid, I think you can 'like' it from anywhere in the world (just click the 'like' button under the photo of me with pink hair. To post a comment you have to register either through FB or directly but you can only do it if you are in the UK (although I think a few people have fibbed) - then scroll down below the green box of 'My hopes and dreams" to the yellow/orange box that says "I like Penny's nomination because..." click in there and you have 140 characters to post your comment.

THANK YOU all so much! I'm sure I won't be picked with all the energetic young people that are entered, but perhaps the pink hair will get me noticed and I SO WANT to do this for all my wonderful friends around the world. Perhaps my t-shirt should say "People with DS rock!" or how about "I don't just love some1 with an extra Chromosome - I love them ALL!"

Suggestions will be requested if I am successful.
 Link to my entry


  1. when do you find out if uve been successful.fingers crossed for you. ( debby richardson)

  2. The official details say "Nominees who have been shortlisted for the final judging phase will receive participation agreements and further information regarding their nomination to the postal address supplied upon entry. These will dispatched via first class delivery by the 5th October 2011." so I should know by then if I am through to the final stage but not if I am actually in. I've also just seen that they will be providing a uniform to be worn, so I guess my t-shirt idea is out, but hopefully we can get some youngsters int he area to join in alongside me and they could wear t-shirts with a positive slogan on.


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