Sunday, 3 January 2010

On the 9th day of Christmas I'd like to introduce ...

Andrew Banar

Andrew is an 18 year old drumming enthusiast who decided that he wanted to continue his education after he finished high school but that cost money, so he decided that he needed to get a job to finance it.

He started off selling lemonade, but then his mum had an idea after seeing Andrew draw a simplified drummer wearing a faux-hawk hairdo, just like his idol TrĂ© Cool in American rock band Green Day.  She wondered if the could sell t-shirts with Andrew's logo on and Andrew's website Group Hug Apparel was born.  

Since then Andrew's product range has increased to include women’s styles as well as cloth tote bags and aprons with the intention to add more of Andrew’s original designs in the future.  

Worldwide sales have been made through the website, but Andrew is happiest when he  is making personal sales and he if often to be found at events selling direct and taking the opportunity to meet people personally.   Not only do his products raise awareness but he donates $2 from every sale to various charitable causes.

So have you got your's yet?  I was wearing mine at the World Congress in Dublin!   Check out the product range here.  

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