Monday, 21 December 2009

Next Generation Competition

Just had to tell you what a fantastic day we had at Woburn for the final of the Next Generation Competition. It was a long day, especially for the kids, but Hannah and Harvey were both fantastic advocates for people with Down's Syndrome.

They were in the same group, the White Pengiuns and first off was a dance session with Flawless.

Here's Hannah posing for a photo with some of the guys from Flawless (who incidentally were great with the kids, but especially our two).

Then it was off to have their photos taken. It was all rather intimidating with lots of noise and things going on around us, but the photographers were very patient. These shots were taken around the professionals, so they did a much better job.

Harvey really didn't want to stand up for his photo, or even kneel down, but he pulled this pose all by himself and I have to say I think it's a winner!

Hannah was also not impressed at the prospect of standing and didn't really want to smile, but a lot of effort from her mum Jo finally got some good shots. I think she looks cute here.

There were supposed to be two winners chosen, but I guess the judges just couldn't decided between so many beautiful children, so in the end they actually chose ten. We were all overjoyed when they were announced and Harvey was one of them. He'll be doing a photo shoot for the Next catalogue in a few weeks time, so watch out for that gorgeous face.

What a brilliant positive message to show just how wonderful our kids are and that there is nothing to be frightened of, they are really just like the rest of us.  Thank you Next for this opportunity to promote awareness and thank you to Hannah and Harvey and their families for letting me share this special day with you all.

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  1. good to see this. glad you had a great day and shared this with us xo sal


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