Saturday, 12 December 2009

My visit to Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria (part 3)

At the Awareness Seminar, the presenter next to me was a lady called Elsie Akerele. Her presentation was a poem she had written about her son to explain to other parents the joy of having someone with Down's Syndrome in your life. Part way through where she mentioned his name, I realised her son was David, a quiet, pleasant, very talented musician I had already met at the DSAN school.

 I have her permission to share her poem with you. 

My Angel has Down Syndrome

His birth unusual; his growth, unique;
His make, different.
At first a challenge and later a task,
And finally an assignment,
And then a mission.

 My Angel has Down Syndrome
I needed the grace, he needed the love.
His siblings were aware of the work on ground.
Their input is beyond what money could buy.
They needed to extend their unconditional acceptance
To the new arrival in the home of ours.

 My Angel has Down Syndrome
I learnt to make him my angel, my friend,
My companion and my closest acquaintance.
And I got the shock I never bargained for.
The way my Angel responded to training,
He yielded to love,
He embraced my friendship,
He was encouraged to learn some skills,
He dances like bees and drums better that the drummer boy,
He sings like birds and his laugh infectious.

 My Angel has Down Syndrome
And soon, my Angel was noticed by all and sundry
He began to be loved by the neighbours and authorities
His gifts and skills have made room for him
He stands before kings and acts before princes.
To the priests, he is just the friend they want.
My Angel is humorous and so compassionate.
Is that a gift or also a skill?
You should know where I'm coming from!
We became friends and the best for sure.

 My Angel has Down Syndrome
Wherever he goes, I'm always invited.
If he sees the kings, I'm seen by kings.
If he is beamed in the media, I am always accomplished.
We compliment each other in our great assignment.

 My Angel has Down Syndrome
His credentials include story telling,
Children supervision and interceding for people.
David my Angel, the weak has been strong,
The fool has become wise, the poor has become rich.
And today this scripture is here fulfilled:
"That all things work together for good to them that love God
And are called accordingly to His purpose."

My Resolve
I'll love the more to gain twice as much.
My mission in life is right on course.
My Angel is the catalyst of who I am,
And a great aid to where I am.
With David, I have learnt my lessons aright,
And placed my priorities right as well.
When I'm left with the weak,
The Lord supplies the strength I need.
When I stay with the fool,
The Lord remains my wisdom.
When my portion is with the despised,
Christ remains my lifter.

My Angel has brought me from obscurity to limelight,
A royalty I never bargained for.
I share fame and glory with him;
I enjoy privileges with him.
He is now one of the greatest treasures
I have found in life.
He's given my life a meaning - 
The greatest things God has done for me.
Who is Your Angel?
Locate him and the Lord will turn your pains to gains.
 My Angel has Down Syndrome

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