Sunday, 20 December 2009

My Christmas Wish for you all

Firstly I would like to wish each and everyone reading this, a Christmas full of the knowledge that you are in the hearts of friends from near and far and surrounded by the love of family and friends I consider myself incredibly blessed to be part of a very special community of people who have experienced the joy of having someone with Down's Syndrome in their life and I know that gives me an invisible bond with so many of you worldwide. 

In 2010 I am undertaking an Awareness Campaign to celebrate the life of Daniel, my angel with Down's Syndrome.  Having managed to arrive a month early on August 3rd and thus share my birthday, this coming year would have been a double celebration for my 50th and his 21st.  Apart from the day of his birth we never actually got to share the day together as he only lived 14½ weeks, so in 2010 I have decided to try and do something positive in his memory.

I will update with more details as plans unfold, but there is an immediate opportunity for you to get involved wherever you are by granting me three Christmas wishes if you haven't already done so:

  1. Please sign up to support the cause page of Down's Heart Group on Facebook
    About 47% of babies born with Down's Syndrome have congenital heart defects like my Daniel.  Fortunately continual advances in treatment mean that more and more of them are having successful surgery, but it is still a traumatic experience for their families to go through.  For the past 20 years I have worked with Down's Heart Group to provide support and information for these parents, please show your support for what we do by joining us.

    Support people with Down's Syndrome and heart conditions

  2. Please sign up to World Down Syndrome Day on Facebook.
    March 21st was chosen as World Down Syndrome Day as it is the 21st day of the 3rd month representing the 3 chromosomes present in Down Syndrome.  On this day people worldwide celebrate Down Syndrome and the joy of having someone in their lives with the condition.  Please get involved in any way that you can, be it organising an event or just wearing a badge for the day and let's make the 5th year the biggest and best yet.
    Join World Down Syndrome Day

  3. Please show your support for Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria
    There are so many worthy causes in the world, but this one is close to my heart after my visit to Nigeria this October and seeing firsthand what the Association is up against in trying to help individuals with Down Syndrome in Nigeria.  I have been writing about my trip here on my blog and have more installments to add, but I know that the families and workers in Nigeria really appreciate the comments and interaction from overseas, so please show your support.
    Support Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria

Wishing you all a peaceful New Year and hoping to share more inspirational stories and news with you throughout the year and to hear all your news. With love to you all and special hugs for all my friends with Down Syndrome, you are my inspiration!


Te souhaitant tout une nouvelle année paisible et espérant partager des histoires plus inspirées et des nouvelles avec vous tout au long de l'année et entendre toutes vos nouvelles. Avec amour à vous tout et des étreintes de special pour tous mes amis avec Down Syndrome, vous êtes mon inspiration ! 

Ihnen allen ein ruhiges neues Jahr wünschen und hoffend, inspirierendere Geschichten und Nachrichten mit Ihnen während des Jahres zu teilen und alle Ihre Nachrichten zu hören. Mit Liebe zu Ihnen alle und Specialumarmungen für alle meine Freunde mit Down Syndrome, sind Sie meine Inspiration! 

 Deseándole todo el un Año Nuevo pacífico y esperando compartir historias y noticias más inspiradas con usted a través del año y oír todas sus noticias. ¡Con el amor a usted todo y los abrazos del special para todos mis amigos con Down Syndrome, usted es mi inspiración!

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